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Damon Thompson speaks at Hope Chapel.

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Matt shares what the Lord has been speaking to him concerning waiting. "There is weight in the wait".This is a word that Dutch Sheets released to our company in the Carolina Revival. Matt brings this to our remembrance and challenges us to make sure our hearts are ready for the weight of glory that has been promised for 2018. 

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Damon Thompson takes us deeper into the revelation of beloved identity. He also encourages us to stay focused on thanksgiving for the remainder of the year.

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Mat Putman, Lyndon Amick, and Johnson Dorn share what the Lord has been speaking to them about honor and changing the way that we think. November 26, 2017

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Lyndon Amick, Johnson Dorn, and Matt Pettry each share what Yahweh has placed on their hearts for the Hope Chapel family. November 19, 2017

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Pastor Johnson and Mark Casto both share what Yahweh has put on their heart for our Hope Chapel family. November 12, 2017

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In this service, Damon Thompson gives a call for hearts to be refreshed. Then our family was encouraged to keep first things first. Jesus at the center fixes everything! November 5, 2017

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Damon Thompson speaks at Hope Chapel during our last Carolina Revival weekend of 2017. October 29, 2017

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"...the LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend." Exodus 33:11

In this message, Matt Pettry encourages us to seek face to face friendship with God. He uses a parable of a conversation between Moses and Aaron to illustrate the importance of leaving the system behind and pursuing friendship with Yahweh.  

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The narrative of Marry and Martha, found in Luke 10:38-42, is the backdrop for this sermon by Pastor Johnson. In this teaching, Pastor Johnson encourages us to find our seat at the feet of Jesus and live a life of devotion beyond all distraction. 

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Damon Thompson preaches at Hope Chapel. October 1, 2017

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Pastor Johnson takes deeper into the todah revelation. September 17, 2017

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Damon Thompson and Johnson Dorn take us deeper into the revelation of thanksgiving and honor. Damon leads us in communion and Johnson teaches the importance of having an open hand posture towards Yahweh and the ones He has placed around us in this revival family. 

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Damon Thompson and Matt Pettry speak at Hope Chapel during a Carolina Revival weekend. 

In this message, Matt shares a word on the kiss of betrayal and the kiss of devotion. He also makes our company aware of the humbling invitation of friendship that Yahweh is giving us in this hour. 

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In this message, Pastor Johnson Dorn teaches some of the mysteries hidden in the 2017 solar eclipse. He and Damon Thompson reveal the importance of waining and coming into perfect alignment. 

Damon Thompson and Johnson Dorn teach on the importance of having a proper definition of home. August 13, 2017

Damon Thompson speaks at Hope Chapel. August 6, 2017

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Damon Thompson speaks at Hope Chapel. July 30, 2017

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Matt Pettry teaches on the lifestyle of devotion that causes us to inherit the next dimension of glory and wonder. 

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In this message, Mark Casto teaches us the value of being a people who demonstrate the power of God in our culture. By this, we reveal that God and man have become one.

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In this podcast, Matt Pettry teaches us the importance of encouragement in our Apostolic Revival Community. 

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Damon Thompson continues his message from the previous Sunday at Hope Chapel. June 21, 2017

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Damon Thompson preaches at Hope Chapel on Father's Day. June 18, 2017

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Sunday morning service at Hope Chapel with Johnson Dorn, Matt Pettry, and Damon Thompson. June 11, 2017

In this message, Damon Thompson teaches us from the story of Mary breaking her alabaster box. 

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Pastor Johnson preaches a Mother's Day message at Hope Chapel. 

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Matt teaches from Hebrews chapter 12. Matt shows us four different devotional expressions we should exercise in response to our inheritance of kingdom rights. He also compares Mount Sinai and Mount Zion.

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Damon begins this message with a word from Mark 6 where Jesus is restrained from performing mighty works. He gives us the revelation that the mightiest work is the release of culture of the Kingdom. Johnson picks up in John 12 with a word about becoming a seed that falls to the ground and dies. He teaches us that a historic harvest is always preceded by a historic fall.  

In this service, Pastor Johnson releases some personal insight on the topic of peculiarity and genuine identity. Matt Pettry and Damon Thompson follow with words concerning the idea of being a planted father for the generations to come. 

In this message, Damon Thompson teaches us about hope and resurrection. He also points out the importance of us being seated in a place of true comfort and how that can transform the region around us. 

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In this message, Pastor Johnson teaches our Hope Chapel family more about honor and sweeping out the hidden corners in our life. He encourages us to allow the Lord to go deeper in some of the corners we think we may have already dealt with. 

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Matt Pettry teaches a message about Petter being swept out and sought out. He uses the story from Acts chapter 10.   

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Tyler Kitchen's is a son of our revival family here at Hope Chapel. In this message, he uses the story of the prodigal son to teach us about motives. 

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Pastor Johnson teaches us the importance of stewarding times of transition. Also, Matt Pettry encourages us to remain in devotional silence so that we can be permitted to release a significant sound in the world around us. 

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Our Hope Chapel family is getting lost in wonder. We are learning to become the garden and paradise that Yahweh takes delight in! In this sermon, Pastor Johnson invites us to go deeper in a wonder-filled adventure into the heart of Yahweh. 

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To see a bush burning in the desert is not an uncommon thing. When Moses saw a burning bush in Exodus 3, something caught his attention. It was his decision to look again that permitted him to hear the voice of Yahweh that came from the burning bush. In this message Pastor Johnson teaches us the importance of slowing down our pace and taking time to LOOK AGAIN! 

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Dutch Sheets is a father in our revival family. In this podcast, he releases a word of vision, direction, and permission. February 12, 2017

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In this message, Matt teaches us the importance of handling the "NO" that we may get from the Father as an answer to prayer. February 5, 2017

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The Circuit Riders encourage our Hope Chapel family to stay in wonder. January 29, 2017

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Lyndon Amick talks about what it looks like to mix faith with our giving. Matt Pettry follows up with a message on holy leisure. He challenges the Hope Chapel family to learn how to see God in everything! January 15, 2017

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Matt Pettry teaches at Hope Chapel. January 1, 2017

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