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In this podcast, Pastor Johnson shares what he is hearing and seeing for our Hope Chapel family. We are inheriting a new address as a family, and we are being invited into a deeper level of relationship with Abba and with one another. 

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Western religion hasn't done a real well job in teaching us to navigate desolate places in our hearts. As a family, we want to learn to navigate these places in order to enter into the measure of wholeness Abba has designed for us, and ultimately because we will be entrusted with people who need us to be whole. 

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In this podcast, multiple people from our Hope Chapel family share their hearts. Each piece revolves around us remembering the place we all have originated from. Through the words shared and the frequency released in worship, our family was invited to return to the place we dwelled in before space and time. The "In Him" dimension.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you." (Jeremiah 1:5)

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Radical pursuit provokes offense in the hearts of those who do not see Jesus rightly one hundred percent of the time. In Mark 10, the crowd was indignant with Bartimaeus. In Luke 10, Martha was exasperated with Mary. In Matthew 26, the disciples were offended by Mary's extravagant act of devotion. As lovers of Jesus, we are called to pursue Him with disregard to the voices that would try to convince us otherwise. Whether those voices are external or internal, a lovesick heart urges us to pursue Jesus with reckless abandon. In this podcast, Mathew and Chris encourage the Hope Chapel family in their pursuit of the one thing.

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“Your emotions are bad.” “You are just too emotional." Statements like these can cause us to suppress our emotions, become numb, and ultimately get stuck. But our emotions are gifts from Abba! We are intended to experience them to the fullest! In this podcast, we talk about emotional health and the hope we have in our Father to turn all things into joy!

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In this podcast, the Hope Chapel family celebrates the six year anniversary of what has become known as the Megan Moment. Pastor Johnson reflects on this very special encounter and encourages the family to lean in and recieve from the residue of that moment. The embrace that Megan received from the arms of a father six years ago is a picture of what is available to us all when we surrender to the embrace of our Abba!
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When Jesus gives the invitation to follow Him it always costs us something.(Matthew 19:16-30) The reward outweighs the cost one hundred percent of the time! In this podcast, Mathew Putman calls the Hope Chapel family to recenter on the one thing lifestyle. 
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Join the Hope Chapel family in celebration of Resurrection Day. During a flow of worship, Johnson Dorn and Mathew Putman share what Abba has placed on their hearts concerning the joy of resurrection. 
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Friday night service with Pastor Johnson. April 9, 2022
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Friday was family night as Apostle Damon Thompson shared exciting details about what is ahead.

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