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Radical pursuit provokes offense in the hearts of those who do not see Jesus rightly one hundred percent of the time. In Mark 10, the crowd was indignant with Bartimaeus. In Luke 10, Martha was exasperated with Mary. In Matthew 26, the disciples were offended by Mary's extravagant act of devotion. As lovers of Jesus, we are called to pursue Him with disregard to the voices that would try to convince us otherwise. Whether those voices are external or internal, a lovesick heart urges us to pursue Jesus with reckless abandon. In this podcast, Mathew and Chris encourage the Hope Chapel family in their pursuit of the one thing.

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“Your emotions are bad.” “You are just too emotional." Statements like these can cause us to suppress our emotions, become numb, and ultimately get stuck. But our emotions are gifts from Abba! We are intended to experience them to the fullest! In this podcast, we talk about emotional health and the hope we have in our Father to turn all things into joy!

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